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The business of blogging is creating a new culture for business owners and professionals. We are entering a realm where customers want to get to know the intimate details of the people they are doing business with befor making that all important decision to buy a product or service.

When you are creating your business blog by all means appear human. Humans will make typos, have the occational bad gramatical error or use the wrong word. I am not saying you should lay caution to the wind and write the entire thing in slang. What I am saying is that you do not need to have an editor scrutinize every post for hours or weeks at a time before it gets posted. We are never going to be 100% perfect, but we should be 100% honest in our approach.

Our blogs are nothing more than an extention of our personalities, use this to your advantage. If you are funny, make your blog funny. We have created a paradigm shift in the market today so be aware of it.

Happy Blogging,


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