Personality Types- Popular Sanguine

The popular sanguine is the life of the party. If you know someone who is popular and dynamic odds are that person is a Popular Sanguine. These people are always willing to help and want to make sure everyone is happy. The end result is not nearly as important as the fact that everyone has a good time.

The downside to the popular sanguine is that they can sometimes inhibit productivity. They can sometimes get wrapped up in office gosip rather than getting important work done. Their currious nature can be both a possitive or a negative depending on how it is taken.

To me the single biggest strength a popular sanguine has is their ability to lighten the mood and help out someone who is feeling blue. The most important thing to remember when dealing with a popular sanguine is that relationships count for a lot, and they always find time for the fluff. Their bubbly outgoing nature is always welcome on a drab day.

Look to the popular sanguine, to keep up the spirits of people. These people make great additions to office life and are a welcome addition to any customer service or phone team.



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