TOMA-Top of the Mind Awareness

The goal of any marketing program is to achieve TOMA. This happens when consumers link your product or service with a particular key word. For instance when we think of a tissue we immediately think of the name Kleenex, and we often forget that Kleenex is not a generic product name, it is actually a brand of tissue. Kleenex has just done such a good job of creating TOMA with their product.

When creating a corporate blog one should always have TOMA in mind. It is a good idea to have a series of posts using a few keys words in which you would like to own in the minds of your customers. You will have much greater success with your blog if you focus on a few key areas and maximize your exposure. A corporate blog is an extention of a marketing campaign and should be treated as such.

Since the world of business blogging is still relatively new a company has the opportunity to be first in owning key words in the blogosphere and thus gaining a great competitive advatage. Know what you want to achieve TOMA with and you will be one step closer to success.



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