Blogs-Problematic or beneficial?

One of the things that often scares people about blogs is the vulnerability that is felt. There seems to be a common misconception that because blogs are uncensored, having a blog would make a company susceptible to an attack. The truth of the matter is actually quite alarming and the opposite of what most people seem to perceive.

I find myself explaining many times per week that a company not following blogs makes them MUCH more vulnerable because it will leave them unaware if an attack were to take place.

I like to use the analogy of a fire. Think of the difference between a small campfire and a burgeoning forest fire. The camp fire is contained in a small area and can be put out quite quickly and easily. The forest fire however, burns out of control and can take weeks or months to put out. Often nothing can be done to save things in its path.

The same thing is true in the blogsphere. If something derogatory is said about you or your company and you spot it right away you are easily able to set the record straight and provide information to the contrary while only a few people are aware of it. However, if bad information about you is allowed to spread with no retort from you, how is the general public supposed to know the information they are reading is incorrect.

The underlying lesson I am trying to stress is that when it comes to blogs, ignorance is not bliss. Get the real information and you will protect yourself from future problems.



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