What is a blog?

I find myself being asked almost on a daily basis just what is a blog. The interesting thing is that each time I am asked I answer the question a little bit differently. It has however got me wondering the best way to explain to someone exactly what this new phenomenon is.

A blog is a combination of web page and email newsletter all rolled into one. It is a webpage in that it has a unique, searchable URL. It is a newsletter in that every time you add something to a blog it is distributed around the world instantly much the same way email is sent. There are countless examples of how quickly information on blogs is spread around the world instantly as messages spread like wild fire.

By now most people have heard about blogs, either through the media or through the grapevine but there are all sorts of misconceptions about blogs and their purpose. I view a blog as nothing more than a communication channel used to spread information. Much in the same way a newspaper spreads news or our roads allow us to travel. A blog is merely a method of distribution.

Like any means of distribution, a blog is only as powerful or as useful as the information it contains. A blog with no content is as good as the Autobahn with no cars. It is the most power method of distributing information yet, but it is up the the blog owner to create useful info.

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