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In this world of big faceless corporations and company politics, I see companies struggling with the paradigm shift that is taking place in the blogosphere. Companies are so used to having press releases and web site content scrutinized by the accountants and lawyers before it is allowed to be viewed by Joe public. The blogging world has changed the rules and customs and the companies who are able to adapt to this the quickest will be the ones who see the most success.

I am a firm beleiver in the old adage when refering to customers, “they don’t care how much you know untill they know how much you care”. Blogs are the ideal way for companies to get rid of the faceless facade they like to hide behind and show the human side of business. I see time and time again in Vancouver how it is the businesses and business people who have the skills to relate to their customers who are having success.

We are very much living in a world where distrust is at an all time high. People want to buy products and do business with people they can trust. Companies that can get out from behind the desk and smile pretty or take constructive critism without resorting to company rhetoric are the ones who will be the market leaders moving forward. The best advice I can offer is blog as a person, not a company and talk like you are talking to a friend. I feel a little softer touch will go a long way to earning you that soft spot in the customer’s heart.

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