Christmas Season-A time to sell

With the holiday season upon us many people use this as an excuse to pack in the productivity and relax. I see it as just the opposite. Think of it as all of your competition has packed it in so you have the whole market to yourself.

The second thing I really like about the holidays is that it is a great time to re-connect with old aquaintances. If you have old clients you have not spoken to in a while why not give them a jingle and spread some christmas cheer. Everyone right now is in a talkative mood, so use it to build on your existing relationships and strengthen them to move forward.

A final piece of food for thought is that many companies have left over money in their budget that they can spend. If you are out there trying to sell you maybe able to get someone who has money to blow and you can shorten your sales cycle dramatically. You dont need to use the hard sell, just be your effervescent self and good things will happen.

Happy Holidays,


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