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I am very often reminded of just how powerful the human mind can be, and how the forces of nature lead you to what you really want when you do the right things. This was made ever more clear to me this afternoon with an amazing series of events.

About a month ago I had met a fellow at a networking christmas party, we had exchanged cards and spoke for about 10 minutes talking about what we each did and just having some small talk about the holiday season and the usual christmas banter. This fellow had expressed interest in having me setup a blog strategy for his company and wanted to talk about things further in the month of January. I made note of this on his card and had scheduled myself to call him to follow up.

As this month is rapidly passing me by I was making every attempt to free time in my schedule to meet with this fellow and make sure I could give his project the time and energy it deserves. Since time was passing I was a little worried he would not remember our conversation from that day. (during the event I had probably met and exchanged cards with 200 people so keeping track of everyone is often a challenge).

Well less than 10 minutes before I was scheduled to call him this afternoon I received an email from him. He did not know who I was but was refered to me because he wanted to join the BNI chapter of which I am the President of. In his email he stated how he was eager to meet me because he had heard many good things about my reputation and skills.

By focusing my mind on him, he had been drawn back as if to remind me not to let him slip through the cracks. The most amazing part was that his communication took place less than 10 minutes before I was about to call him. I never consider these situations to be luck, only the incredible power of focus and belief. Make up your mind as to what you want in your life and the people you want in your life and great things will happen, you have my word.

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