Positive phone attitude-It goes a long way!

Tonight I was reading one of the many business relationship books I have and I came across a very interesting technique for answering the phone. As I read about it I realized that many times in the past I have used it with great success, I was just unaware I was doing it so I thought I would share my epiphany.

The approach is very simple; you answer the phone in a very neutral professional manner. Then when you discover who is calling and what they are calling about you express sincere appreciation of this. For instance if a good friend were on the phone I would answer “Hello Patrick, it is so wonderful to hear from you, I am very glad you called”.

The same approach can be used if it is a stranger calling about a less than pleasant matter such as a missed bill payment. In this situation you could say, “I am so glad you called, I really appreciate you bringing that to my attention”.

By putting a positive spin on every situation you will always lighten the spirits of the person you are speaking with and will get much better results from those often dreaded phone calls.

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