Personality types- Perfect Melancholy

The final of the 4 personality styles is that which I like to refer to as the Perfect Melancholy. This is the person who is the analytical, the deep thinker or the planner. These are the people who seem to slow down the rest but take the time needed to create a masterpiece.

We see perfect melancholy people in all sorts of prominant roles such as artist, singers and accountants. They are often the back bone of the work place, making sure that the details are taken care of to keep things running smoothly. They take the time to ensure things are done right the first time and dont give up until the job is done.

The down side of the perfect melancholy is that they are very slow and deliberate in their actions and do not adapt well to sudden change. They are skeptical by nature and like to learn things for themselves as they don’t trust the judgment of anyone very easily.

When we need it done right, or a long term plan put in place we always look to the perfect melancholy and we know the job will be in good hands.



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