Personality types- Peaceful Phlegmatic

The peaceful phlegmatic are often the least noticeable of the personality types. They are quite content to fly under the radar and not draw attention to themselves. Peaceful phlegmatic people are very calm cool and collected and quite happy to work their 9-5 shift and not bother anyone. Although they are pecimistic by nature they are not bothered by it.

Peaceful phlegmatic people make great long term employees, as they really have no desire for change and can work consistantly at mundane jobs that would drive the other personalities nuts. They are also very agreeable in that they have no desire to cause trouble.

The downside of peaceful phlegmatic is that they lack motivation and drive. They will rarely take any new initiative themselves and are not self motivated. They also are not likely to take a leadership role.

As a whole the peaceful phlegmatic types are a great addition to the work force as they are dependable long term and you always know what to expect.

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