Personality Types-Powerful Choleric

In dealing with personality types it is always easiest to understand the one you epitomize so I want to begin with Powerful Choleric. The three ways to describe this person are The extrovert, the Doer, the Optimist.

Powerful Cholerics are born leaders and very goal oriented in life. They always move quickly to action and adapt well to change. On the down side they can sometimes find it difficult to slow down or relax. They will often quickly get to the top of their field… but can sometimes find themselves alone at the top.

When dealing with a powerful choleric personality the best approach to take is to quickly get to the point. They do not care much about the story behind things or the fluff that goes along with it. If you want things done, or someone who can deal well in a stressful situation then a powerful choleric comes in handy.



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