RSS-The new email

As blogs continue to explode onto the internet the importance of RSS or Atom feeds is becoming more and more refined. I could see these one day replacing a good portion of the emails we receive on a daily basis. The best feature of them is that you are receiving only content you want WITH NO SPAM, I mean how cool is this.

The most user friendly one I have found so far is RSS Reader It allows you to subscribe to any number of blogs and have the great content delivered right to your desktop without having to go through the hassel of serfing for it. The readers will just ask you for a feed of each site you would like it to keep you abreast of. Mine is .

As blogs continue to increase in popularity those who use RSS to their advantage will be the ones who are able to best reap the rewards. Now is the time to be one of those people who will be looked at 5 years from now when people say “boy were you lucky to get in when you did”.

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