RSS-What is it?

I am being asked more and more what is RSS? There are currently two accepted interpretations of the intitials, they are Rich Site Summary or Real Simple Syndication. No matter which you use the purpose is for your information or blog entries to be distributed through the world wide web.

Every time a post is created on a blog a new feed is created. RSS programs search the web looking for these new feeds and send them to interested parties. For instance, if I was interested in the topic of RRSPs, I could program my RSS reader to find me every new post on the subject. After I have done this whenever someone writes a blog post containing the word RRSP, it will be instantly sent to me via my RSS reader without me having to search for it.

In business this is a very powerful tool, as it allows you to track whenever something is being said about your company or product. Wouldnt it be valuable to know immediatly anytime someone is spreading bad press about you? RSS allows you to do this and much much more.



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