Sales-Its not about talking

You know one thing that always makes me laugh is people who say they could never do sales, or those who say they don’t like sales people because they do not like the feeling of being sold. We can all think of the sterotypical salesman in the cheap suit talking out of his @#$. If you ask me, these are not sales people.

I think the first lesson a true salesperson learns is that you are not trying to sell. Our job is to listen, uncover problems and then find a solution to those problems. The most common misconception about selling, is that sales means talking. A good sales person is first and foremost a good listener and a caring friend. If you can make this switch in your head you will immediately notice better results.

I do beleive the reason no one talks about “good salespeople” is because whenever a good sales person is found, they don’t fit the mold of what a salesperson should look like so we mistake them for our friends.



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