Olympic Lessons

With the winter Olympics starting in Turin, the eyes of the world are on our wonderful athletes. Having spent a good portion of my life in competitive sports I have a deep appreciation for the type of commitment it takes to achieve such a high honor. I think one of the most impressive elements of the Olympic experience is that the athletes are competing for national pride, not money.

I think there is much that can be learned from this mindset of excellence. If an average person could harness just a small portion of the energy and ambition our Olympic athletes have, just think of the positive changes that could be made in the world we live in.

I think the underlying commonality between our elite athletes and the elite members of society is the focus of a goal. Think of aspects of your life as the medal podium and find ways in which you can strive to be at the top of that podium.

Like in the Olympics your motivation can not be money. If you aim for a higher purpose and strive for it selflessly you can’t help but be a success at whatever you choose to do.



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